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A shopping spree in Frankfurt

This is a little summary about my last trip across the city of Frankfurt.

My first pit stop led me to one of my favorite ressources for furniture and other lifestyle accessoires.

Frick is a retail shop in the heart of the city selling from Vitra's and USM Haller's classics to such beautiful gems like these...

... "Bloom" by Raeder are wonderful aluminium tools for your gardening...

...or the "bo"-bag by Macharten wool felt with a metal grip and quintessentially artless!

Then I stroke off for the "Kleinmarkthalle". Here can you shop all and everything for the preparation of your dinner. Italian, Chinese, French, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, wine... everything!!!

Kinya recently moved into the "Kleinmarkthalle". He's really not famous for the design of his webpage...but he's 'da man' when it comes to sharpen your sushi-knive. He has a Japanese master degree in that discipline. As far as I know, you can send him your knive from whereever you are at the moment and you'll get back a kind of Samurai-sword!

Walden helps to relief from all that strain... Thomas Klüber opened his new resto - with a huge terrace - and bar a few weeks ago and this friday his new club on the first floor will officially be opened to the public.

Here you should relax, have a cappuccino or a fresh salad and enjoy Frankfurt's hip people stroll along...

Kleiner Hirschgraben 7
60311 Frankfurt
+49 69 92882700

So long...


Rendezvous meter

Do you remember your last rendezvous? I mean the one at your house, when you were preparing that sequence of at least 5 courses and all the other nitty-gritty-steps you've planned to lead you two to your final "destination" at the end of that evening...

And how was real life? Yes...the "apéro" has been served after the 1st course... you were running out of your beloved italien espresso and ecreamery's ice-cream was still in your ice-box the morning after? O.K. if you succeeded...forget about a better planning...but if not...

no, no, no.. don't do it that way again!

If you plan your future candle-light-dinner with this new cute tool "the candle-light-dinner-candle"... every step will meticulous follow the other and you will be totally relaxed...and - I guess - successful!!!

Check out www.konstantinslawinski.com to meet your requirements for your next candle-light-dates...



Still drinking Stoli Razz? Or (even worse) Absolut Vanilla? OK, so you jumped onto the Vodka bandwagon because? What, low-carb? Clean taste (read: no taste)? No headache? Or just because you drink so much, you can't afford others to notice the smell?

In any case there is an abundance of freakishliy tasting fruit Vodka available. But now, Vodka returned home... Home to macho county, where the average (daytime) temp doesn't reach 5 Celcius and the sun was last seen - hmmm, when was the sun last seen...

Sputnik brings us (if you are in good old Europe that is) some flavors that are more representative of Vodka's origin: Horseradish, Rose Petal and Basil. And I have heard rumors of Dill and Coriander coming out soon as well...

So if you've had enough of the sweetness and the wimpyness, check into Sputnik and see whether you prevail...

Invite the boys, crank the tunes, bring out the caviar and never forget: the first toast goes to the host, and if I'm not mistaken, women don't show up in the list until 4th or 5th place... but ya'll knew that, didn't you?

Let us know whether you'd want to be able to get this amazing product in the US as well, and we'll see how far our reach is...


Architecture elevator

Today I wanna invite you to a remarkable elevator trip on architecture.

We start at the carparc - by Teresa Sapey - in a new building in Spains' capital Madrid...

Basement: Welcome to the lobby by John Pawson, resto by Christian Liaigre and bar by Marc Newson...

...1. floor: Zaha Hadid

...2. floor: Norman Forster

...3. floor: David Chipperfield

...4. floor: Eva Castro & Holger Kehne

...6. floor: Marc Newson

...7. floor: Ron Arad

...8. floor. Kathryn Findley

...9. floor: Richard Gluckmann

...10. floor: Arata Isozaki

...11. floor: Javier Marisacal & Fernando Salas

...12. floor: Jean Nouvel

...13. floor: Jean Nouvel

...facade: Jean Nouvel

There were mainly two reasons to invite you to this trip...

First - these increbible photos and many, many more of them - you'll find them at www.diephotodesigner.de. These guys are really fantastic for architecture photos. Thanx to the "photodesigner" for their marvellous work...

...and...yes, perhaps you've already read about Madrid's new 5-star hotel "Puerta America"... if not...this was your private presentation and recommandation for your next visit to the heart of Spain!

Viva España!




Vaguely 300 days are remaining for next years soccer world championship preparations!!!

I've been on the hunt to deliver the ultimate suggestion for your training ground. Here are two of the most exclusive football tables I could find.

Elevenforty's "Opus" is a thing of beauty, perfection and attention to detail that offers unequalled opportunities. Each table is hand crafted and constructed to order in etched glass, stainless steel and different woods - no two are alike. The heads of the players are 3-D build from photographs what leads to an incredible realism.

On the other hand - if you prefer the antique one - this might be your choice...

Brocantique offers a limited edition of these football tables from 1930. This replica in art deco-style shows patinized wood, silver polished kicker and bakelite bullet-grips.

Never mind which arena grasps your heart you will enjoy every moment of your prep during these next 300 days...


No suitcase!?

It's been a few weeks now that I met Hartmut Esslinger and we talked about frogdesign's incredible project for HENK. Hartmut told me, that this project is all about the ultimate perfection for the sake of pain relief during your travels around the globe. The entire project is driven by a Dutch entrepreneur - his name is Henk - who originally invented the suitcase following his personal needs - and potentially desires...

There might be a little restriction to enjoy that new ease of traveling lite. The choice out of a set of carefully selected material combinations or your 100% customized suitcase will get you to an investment starting at 16.000 €. Wow!!! Orders will be taken from end of September on... so go ahead, spoil yourself it's for your health...

I'm not yet sure if I'll buy my personal "mojo"... but for some of us it might be essential to be able to identify Mr. Quintessential on the next transatlantic first class flight.

Be in the know! For more information follow the link to Henk's website. And please drop us a line, when you've discovered the first Henk in the real world... that is, before yours arrives...




Single estate coffees? Been there!
Boutique Cabs? Done that!
Hand rolled cuban's? Seen them!

But the rarest cacao, sourced from exclusive plantations in Venezuela, Ecuador, Trinidad and Côte d'Ivoire?

That's what Noka is all about.
Noka is dedicated to the resurrection of chocolate to its noblest form: Pure Single-Origin, Dark Chocolate, made with the rarest cacao.

Oh my gawwwd! We killed a 16 piece Grand Cru box in less than 30 minutes alongside a bottle of Perrier Jouët as recommended by the Noka experts, trying to understand the subtle differences between the different origins - and it was a d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s experience...

And best of all: None of that opulent colorful packging that seems to take over these day, put pure and simple: black and white! In fact if you get the Signature Collection, you'll get a gorgeous stainless steel box and all you'll have to do in the future is get the Encore boxes...

Smoove operator...

Some like it hot, and if you do, then you obviously like your spices freshly ground, and I would assume that you then already own a mortar and pestle... but if you nevertheless believe you need more than one for different usages and occasions, then you'll like this:

Probably the prettiest kitchen tool I have seen in a long time, this is a smooth as silk mortar, that feels soooooo goooood and is ideal for crushing those tender hand picked baby herbs in the most effective way possible. But it's not stopping in your kitchen, it is so pretty, it makes for an ideal presentation sur la table next to your Riedels and your Limoges plates with a nice handful of Fleur du Sel for individual crushing...

Currently not retailed anywhere, we were able to secure a couple of those beauties, so drop us an email if you are interested.

Pocket Time Machine...

My personal trainer will love me... I have probably doubled in size over the past days here in Europe... Riesling tasting in Frankfurt, Brunello in Hamburg, too many french new growths and a lot of Spaniards, invading my palate like a good Conquistador...

A Conquistador always sports some nifty knife action, so was I surprised to see the waiter dip his Laguiole into my glass, and my neighbors and his neighbors and so on...

Only after some intense negotiations was he willing to pass over his new Laguiole - interstingly equipped with a Clef-Du-Vin on an extra knife. Clef-Du-Vin you might ask? Well, mais oui... a small metal dipping stick, developed in France by master sommelier Franck Thomas and the equally famous enologist Laurent Zanon, the Clef du Vin's alloy - no information as to the actual combination, where is 007 when you need him - acts as a catalyst to speed up the oxidization process. The metals are precisely gauged so that dipping the tool into a glass of wine for one second will mimic the effect of a year's aging. Dipping it for two seconds simulates the effect of two year's cellaring, and so on.

Think pocket time machine... So thanks Q, but what is actually happening? The samples I have tasted across different regions and vintages, seemed not to have changed at all in their bouquet, but overly agressive Tannins were definitely tamed and improved the experience. Interestingly though there was a slight disconnect between the nose and the palate experience. I would have expected a much rounder, richer overall bouquet, because the wine was now roughly '10 years older' than before, but the nose remained pretty much the same...

Yes it's fun and interesting and it creates a good conversation and exteded wine consumption, as you will start comparing the effect on all different regions and vintages, but I prefer to be patient. Sometimes very patient, and to wander down into my cellar, gently caressing my bottles in expectation of the first time we come together...


Lux 11 - Berlin's newest hip hotel??

Situated in Berlin’s pulsating and hip central district of Mitte, amidst all the creative and chic fashion shops, galleries, trendy media agencies and a myriad of culinary locations, the 72-room "Lux 11" has opened in July.

The hotel adresses a trendy audience from media to musicians.

The ground floor, with its up-to-the-minute video installations of the surrounding neighbourhood, is a vibrant place for guests and locals to hang out and meet up. The in-house beauty salon & spa allows for various degrees of styling before heading out into the fray.

From September on a roomy bustling hip restaurant and chill-out bar with Italian-Asian fusion cuisine will provide guests on the hop with fresh, fast, and healthy dishes. And true to Mitte’s pronounced café culture, the Lux 11 will also offer its own cosy café/lounge for whiling away the afternoon.

It's a vibrant and inviting space... will Lux 11 become the future place to stay for an authentic Berlin experience??? I'll check it out during my next visit to Berlin and let you know...

Lux 11
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 9-13
10178 Berlin
Phone +49 30 9362800
Fax +49 30 93628080


Do you wanna party?

Do you remember these party rooms in the basement of your parent's house? As far as your enquiring eyes could see...oak, mahogany...bottles of whiskey, gin and vodka... and these superspecial mirrows advertising the latest spirits.

No, no, no... that's not the way we wanna party nowadays.

What you can explore here is a new mobile party-bar designed by two interior design students - Janette Merker and Kim Wang - coming from Berlin. The bar comes in two segments and can easily be installed in your apartment or on your roofgarden. The integrated bottle-container can be filled with ice to keep cool your Dracula Marsecco - do you remember???

For the time being our friend in Berlin have the advantage that Merker & Wang provide a service to lend out the bar for your happening. All the other party-people out there must buy the bar for something around 3.000 €.

...and don't forget to invite us to your next PARTYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!



Hmm...deliciousness for creative bookworms

I love books... and I love them most, if they are big and heavy, oversized, full of pictures, extraordinary,...

This one is really delicious! Just published the 2005 ADC yearbook - 600 pages and more than 2000 pictures - shows the peak performances of German advertiser and all winners of gold, silver and bronze medals of the annual Art director club's competition.

This year's 2005 edition - in a wild west aesthetics - comes with a real leather binding and Western embossment on the cover.

As this deliciousness is rapidly out of stock every year... I got mine and you'd better directly buy your candy here:

For more delicious books on graphic design, typography and advertising please visit


My favorite belts

For a long time I've been searching around for my favorite belts to go perfectly with all these vintage denims in the wardrobe.

Now my decision is made... Hollywood Trading Company (HTC) belts should be worn by inspiring people around the world. All HTC goods are made with low tech, artisan methods, rather than with the precise conformity of high tech, mass production.

Their different colors and applications can perfectly be arranged to combine all pieces of your entire vintage outfit.

You will find HTC in selected A-list stores in the big cities around the globe. For a store locator check out


River Kasematten

My friends in Hamburg took me to a new location to be in our hometown.

River Kasematten is a historical place in Hamburgs harbour facing the famous Blohm + Voss docks on the other side of the Elbe. After the second World War River Kasematten became a well known place for jazz freaks.

After its renovation and recent re-opening River Kasematten is the place to relax, lounge, eat and party in the city. Interiour designer Frank Theuerkauf was responsible to create the elegant atmosphere - a well-tempered mixture of materials and discreet colours - of that new restaurant and lounge.

Some of the lamps and furniture are custom-made, the clinker walls are beautifully restored and the restromms are decorated with golden mosaic tiling. On the huge open terrace a combination of teak and wicker furniture invite you to relax in the rising or declining sun.

The two owner Bahman und Behrous Moaiyeri do also run the resto "Turnhalle" in St. Georg district with great success.

I enjoyed lounging here!

River Kasematten
St. Pauli Fischmarkt 28 - 32
20359 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 30060190